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Fazenda Irmas Pereira is an 850-hectare farm where 330 hectares are planted with coffee of several varieties, including Bourbon, which makes up this lot. The coffee beans in this coffee have been dried enclosed in their entire fruit, so-called Natural Process. Naturals form the backbone of the Brazilian coffee industry, and with careful control and a slow drying, the coffee acquires a fine body and a round caramel sweetness, made for all types of brewing methods, including espresso! 

The story behind the farm, from which we have bought coffee since the beginning of Gringo, began when Antonio Andrade Pereira Filho and Maria da Conceição Costa Pereira decided to invest in coffee farming in Carmo de Minas in the early 70s. They bought 90 hectares of land and started planting the first coffee plants. As these trees grew, the couple's two daughters were soon born: Maria Valeria and Maria Rogéria.

Since childhood, Maria Valeria and Maria Rogeria have enjoyed following in their father's footsteps. Decades later, in 2002, when specialty coffee culture began in Carmo de Minas, Maria Valeria and Maria Rogéria were already managers of their farm. The father retired in 1996. When the father died, the sisters decided not to separate but to make the relationship between them even stronger. Therefore, they changed the name of the farm from Serrado to Irmãs Pereira. 

Things further developed when Carmo Coffees was created by cousins Jacques Pereira Carneiro and Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho. Luiz Paulo is the son of Maria Rogéria. The focus on quality was strengthened even more and new ways of processing the coffee were added: Black Honey, Honey, Double Pass, Sparkler, Natural Unwashed and other types of fermentation.


Grown across much of Brazil, this variety is known for being yellow when ripe – unlike most other varieties which are cherry red in color when ripe. It originates on Île Bourbon – an island east of Madagascar. It is believed that the yellow variety is a cross between Red Bourbon and Yellow Typica. 

A yellow bourbon tree can reach 8 feet tall and matures early in the season. Due to its low to medium yields and relative susceptibility to coffee leaf rust, growing Yellow Bourbon usually requires more attention and care than other varieties common in Brazil (eg Mundu Novo & Catuai).

Yellow Bourbon's quality potential comes to the front when it is grown at 1,000 meters or more above sea level and in places where the harvest and post-harvest process is well done. The sensory characteristics of Yellow Bourbon are clearly noticeable in the cup – sweet chocolate, ripe fruits and smooth citrus. 


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Fazenda Irmãs Pereira - Maria Valeria och Maria Rogeria


Carmo de Minas


Yellow & Red Bourbon

Process method


Drying Method


harvest period

Juli – Augusti

Brewing Facts

19 grams of coffee to 42-45 grams out. In approx. 30 seconds. The coffee and the profile will, as with many more "exotic" coffees, change over time. The coffee does well to mature for a few weeks in the bag after roasting before it is used for the first time, then the sweetness increases and the acidity softens.


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