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In freshly roasted coffee, there can be up to 1000 aromas. To guide you correctly among all our coffees, we have divided them into four taste categories to help you find your favorites.


Here we find coffee without pronounced fruitiness and acidity, instead the coffee in this category is pronounced soft and mild in character. They often go very well with milk, or to be brewed in an espresso machine. They are often medium-bodied and have a more or less pronounced sweetness.

Taste words we find here are: chocolate, caramel and nuts.


In this category you will find the coffee where the fruit aromas are clear and which are fuller than the coffees that you find in the taste type Fresh & Elegant. These coffees also have a pronounced sweetness.

Here we find taste words such as: tropical fruit, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla.


The coffee in this category is usually a little lighter in taste and has a nice balance between berry sweetness and acidity (the latter can be more or less pronounced).

Typical flavors for this type of coffee are: apple, citrus, gooseberry, kiwi and jasmine.


Here you will find powerful coffee that is both full-bodied and often has a roasted character. Spiciness is a property in coffee that mainly comes from Sumatra and India.

Typical flavors in this category are: dried fruits, dark berries, dark chocolate, cedar and tobacco.


Specialkaffepåse i vitt med mörkblå botten och en senapsgul ojämn cirkel i mitten.



Våra Single Origins har stor variabilitet på smakkategorierna men generellt kan man säga att kategori med nummer:

Den här typen av kaffen domineras av bönor från Brasilien och även ibland Indien.

Den här typen av kaffen, där bönorna oftast har torkat i sitt egen fruktkött, hittar vi idag från hela kaffevärlden. Sök efter ord som Bärtorkat och Natural, så vet du att du har kommit rätt.

Här hittar du oftast tvättade kaffen från Östafrika, Central- och Sydamerika.

Många kaffen från Indonesien har denna karaktär, men även kaffen från Indien kan ibland hamna i denna kategori.

Du kan filtrera smakkategorierna uppe i högra hörnet på alla kaffesidor.