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The roastery is open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. The store is also open if you want to shop, have a coffee in our coffee bar or have ordered coffee.

En LÖRDAG i varje månad (nästa gång är 21/9 2024 ) har vi öppet 11-15 med fika, sittplatser i rosteriet och gratis drop-in coffee tasting at 12 noon & 2 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

Are you a group of colleagues or friends of at least 8 people who want to come and learn more about coffee and flavors? Then why not plan a coffee geek evening with us! Get in touch at 


We have a flexible production and roast most days of the week to ensure that you always get freshly roasted coffee. Our blends – Brew & Espresso – are packed in 500 gram bags or in 5 kilo sacks. All Single Origin are packed in bags of 250 grams, and some of them are also available as 5 kilos. If you want us to grind the coffee for you - write in the message line when you order!

Do you like coffee and people, then maybe you want to work with us in the future? We are a new company, but if everything goes as we want and and the good coffee is with us, then we hope to grow, and then we need people who work with us in and outside the roastery. We appreciate passionate and talented people who want to work in collaboration with their colleagues to create the best possible work environment. We like people who are brave, positive and humble in equal proportion and who always put the team first. In that case, email to

Do you want to serve, sell or otherwise present our coffees? - Great, get in touch right away. We are a specialty coffee roaster where transparency and genuine quality must permeate everything we do, so of course we want to work with companies and people who think good coffee is important. We would love to meet you and will do our utmost to make you feel right at home with us. Whether you have an existing business or are about to open a cafe, restaurant or shop and are looking for guidance on concepts, machines and coffee, we are happy to discuss how we can work together. Send an email to 

To order, send an email to or call us at 031-120880. We look forward to meeting you!