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Ceado – Hoop Ghost Coffee Brewer

Manual Coffee Brewer

kr 449.00

  • EUR: 449.00€
(Approx. 449.00€)

Ceado's Hoop Coffee Brewer is an award-winning coffee maker that makes pour over very easy. It is easy to use, extremely consistent, but at the same time it invites the user to explore and experiment with different variables such as grind size, water temperature, agitation and filtration.

Hoop's two-part design consists of the lower "water crown" where brewing water is introduced and the "filter tower" where a coffee filter and the ground coffee are placed. When brewing, water is poured into the crown, which is then distributed in a steady stream to the coffee bed. As the water enters the coffee indirectly, it reduces the likelihood of channeling by preventing uneven or aggressive pouring from affecting the water flow.


  • Place one - or more - filters in the crown.
  • Screw together the filter tower and the faucet.
  • Place Hoop on a cup or serving vessel and pre-wet the filter.
  • Add ground coffee to the center of the filter tower, redistributing as needed to ensure the bed is evenly distributed.
  • Pour your brewing water into the water tower.
  • Wait until all the brewing water has passed through the coffee.

When brewing, your extraction can produce dramatically different results based on your coffee, grind size, dosage, water temperature,  stirring and variation, and what filter you place in the water faucet. You can either use the filters that come with the brewer, aeropress filters, metal filters for aeropress or double paper filters. All the variations make the Hoop Ghost an extremely versatile brewer; you can use it to experiment endlessly, or just as the simplest pour over brewer we've seen yet.

Hoop can be placed on top of a serving vessel or cup and is compatible with most pitchers.


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