Single Origin Box

1-4 x 250g / Filtercoffee

Gringo Single Origin Subscription

In this box, we have collected our most unique origins and here we find coffee from all corners of the world, in all kinds of taste directions. Every month we select coffees that we are particularly fond of. No matter how many bags you choose, a brand new coffee is always included, which you will definitely be the first to try. Sometimes this coffee is later released for sale, sometimes not (as we sometimes roast nano-lots that we only offer through this subscription).

Regardless of the coffee we use, you can always count on the coffees in this box to be freshly roasted, in season and with a clear sense of origin. The roasting of these coffees is always light roasted and is best suited to the V60, Aeropress or a regular filter brewer. 

Please note: Sometimes we will send very exclusive coffees, these will then be packed in 200 gram bags (instead of the standard 250 gram). The lower weight is amply compensated by the high quality and limited edition of these coffees.


  • As a subscriber, you always have 10% on our entire range of coffee and tea in our webshop.
  • The subscription fee will be deducted on the 1st of each month, it is important that you have a working payment method at that time.
  • You can only purchase one subscription at a time. If you want to buy more products, you need to complete a new separate purchase.
  • Start your subscription before the 1st of each new month when payment takes place.
  • The coffee box is sent from our roastery, the first Wednesday of every new month.
  • You can expect delivery 2 - 3 days after your package is sent.
  • Delivery time for international customers depends on the chosen delivery method.
  • You can choose to change, pause, or end your subscription at any time

Single Origin Box - JULY 2024

The coffee included in the subscription for July 1–4 x 250g

Single Origin Box - JUNE 2024

The coffee included in the subscription for June 1–4 x 250g

Single Origin Box - MAY 2024

The coffee included in the subscription for May 1–4 x 250g

Single Origin Box – APRIL 2024

The coffee included in the subscription for April 1–4 x 250g