Coffee Grinder Electric

Kaffekvarn Wilfa Black

1 095,00 kr

We have been working with Wilfa for many years now and in our opinion it is the perfect coffee grinder for home use! This electric grinder is high on the grinder and gives you perfectly freshly ground coffee every time. You can easily choose between 5 different grinding degrees; brewed coffee, filter coffee, press coffee, suede and aeropress.

A new improved motor with lower speed provides low heat output so that the aroma and taste of the coffee is best preserved. The grinder also has a timer function for the correct amount of coffee each time and hidden cord storage!

Wilfa coffee grinder Black is an extremely affordable coffee grinder with adjustable settings that are suitable for brewing all types of filter coffee, from espresso to coarse brew.

Wilfa Black GWS-130B
Size: W155 x D200 x H312mm
Capacity: 250g


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