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Ethiopia Guji Organic

Berries . flavorful . nectarine

Whole Beans

In the small region of Guji southern Ethiopia, some of the most delicate and sweet coffees are grown. This natural organic gem from small family farms is one of them. Here, the coffee has dried in its pulp and acquired a complex character of tropical fruit, sweet berries and vanilla.

The Guji region of southern Ethiopia is a remote place, beautifully wooded and - in many ways - an untouched part of the country. A glance outside your window, as you drive through these country roads, and all you see is lush green forest that gently waves over hills and valleys as far as the eye can see. The Guji people have been growing coffee in their fields for centuries. Even today, many Guji farmers follow traditional methods of growing their coffee. Coffee is often mixed with food crops as a way to maximize land use and provide food for families.

Our Guji coffee comes from small farmers who grow coffee behind their houses. They take their harvested beans to the nearest washing station. Since most of these small semi-forest farms are located in the same public area, they share similar heights, soil types and varieties. As a result, the coffee that comes from that particular washing station will have its own unique profile.

Just nu kommer vår Guji från Gedeb Washing Station.

Organic Certified.

Weight 0.25 kg



Small Family Farms


Guji, Oromia


1800 – 2130



Process method


Drying Method

Sun on raised beds

Brewing Facts

Suitable for brewing in aeropress, pour over, filter, french press.


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