Coffee Grinder Manual

Timemore – Nano Coffee Grinder Svart

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A perfect grinder for you who really want a really good manual grinder that you can use instead of electric. Or who is on the go, it is perfect for the trip as it takes up very little space. With its purple size, it fits well in bags and the folding handle makes it a little easier to carry.

The mill is suspended in two ball bearings and then attached to a grinding house in solid aluminum. As a result, the grinding becomes very consistent, the grinder is also fast, it does not take many strokes to get eg 16 grams of coffee (perfect for Aeropress)

We use the grinder itself for all our trips and also for coffee tastings.

- Capacity of about 15-18 g beans (16 for dark roast, 18 for lighter harder beans)
- 10 cm high.


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