Fellow Carter Wide Mug 470 ml

Several Colors

kr 480.00

  • EUR: 480.00€
(Approx. 480.00€)

Take Away Tumbler

An insulated on the go drinking vessel with a difference. This tumbler from Fellow has a wide opening for you to really engage with your drink; smell, taste and enjoy it.

Ever had the issue with a thermos that absorbs the smell and taste of your previous beverage? Well, that won't happen with the Carter mugs, the ceramic coating on the inside is odor resistant and designed to bring the best out of your coffee.


  • Tapered edge to mimic a cabernet wine glass, delivering your drink perfectly to your mouth.
  • Ceramic inner coating so your drink doesn't end up with that metallic, old penny taste.
  • Brew straight into your cup and go, 69mm diameter fits most brewing devices including the AeroPress.
  • Double Wall vacuum with insulated stainless 304 18/8 steel. Retains heat for 12 hours and cold for 24hours.
  • Leak proof seal
  • Tål diskmaskin på översta hyllan men rekommenderas att tvätta för hand för att hålla finishen perfekt.


85 mm diameter body, 69.5 mm mouth, 132 mm tall with lid


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