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We are Gringo Nordic, a curious little coffee roasting company in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

We source 100 % fully transparent speciality coffees from single farms, estates and cooperatives. A lot of the coffees come from organically certified farms. But a lot of the coffee comes from much smaller plantations, where a certification would not be economically possible. But we support them anyway, there is often a lot of good intentions behind each farmer, especially the ones that work with quality. They do not want to act stupid on the planet, and generally avoid the high costs of fertilizers to any cost.

We roast our coffee with a so-called slow roast method - by hand and in small batches - on the most energy-efficient roasting machine on the planet, using air flow technology. We adapt each roasting to each unique coffee so that there is a balance between sweetness, acidity and fullness, then we think that the coffee usually tastes best.

We really love coffee - we will make sure you never doubt it.



For as long as I can remember, I've had my head full of coffee. For many years I was a dedicated hobby roaster and eventually got a job at Kahls Kaffe. After six educational years there, I co-founded Johan & Nyström in 2004. We were Sweden's first specialty coffee roastery and worked consciously to fundamentally change people's coffee habits.

After selling my share in the company and three years outside the coffee stand (I meanwhile managed to buy a coffee farm in Colombia), I started in May 2018 - together with Magnus & Pernilla - Gringo.

I really missed roasting coffee. I love to turn on the roasting machine in the morning, smell the coffee all day and work directly with the farmers and with all the passionate and coffee-loving people you meet in the specialty coffee. It's a favor.



You might say I got married for coffee. But you might also say that I grew up with northern coffee; lightly roasted and gently brewed. And that what I like most about coffee is to spread knowledge about specialty coffee and show how good it can really taste when all the different characters of coffee emerge and how good it feels to know that coffee is grown in a traceable and sustainable way where the coffee grower really get paid reasonably. 

I think the best thing about working with coffee is all the meetings, everything from coffee farmers to all the nice people in the coffee industry and especially with you who, just like me, simply love a good cup of coffee! 

At Gringo, I hold tastings, coffee courses, meet guests in the roastery shop and jump in almost everywhere when needed.



I am basically a chef, but realized that coffee is the most fun there is when I worked at Johan & Nyström as a salesman. After a year out at sea, I am back where I thrive best, among good coffee and coffee-loving customers. At Gringo, I get to dig deeper into the coffee and when I'm not out with customers, I take care of our production and logistics. 

If you're opening a restaurant or a new cafe and looking for guidance in terms of concept, machine and coffee, I'm the guy to talk to. I love everything about the coffee experience and will make sure you get good coffee in no time.




It is no exaggeration to say that I was born straight into the world of coffee; my upbringing has in every conceivable way revolved around everything that has to do with coffee. Several of my great interests - for example traveling and meeting new people - are in the exciting world of specialty coffee and here I want to learn as much as possible.

During my years in high school, I worked as a barista at Da Matteo here in Gothenburg and now I am one of the others in the gang here at Gringo.

At Gringo, I do most things, pack orders, take care of customers in our store, hold barista trainings, roast coffee, tinker with the website and much more.




Min kafferesa började tidigt, jag var bara ung tonåring när jag började jobba hos Tord Wetter på legendariska Mauritz kaffe i Göteborg. Det var också där jag fick den första inblicken i hur ett alldeles nyrostat kaffe doftar, och hur gott kaffe verkligen kan vara när det är rostat och bryggt med känsla och kärlek.

Att börja i teamet på Gringo Nordic och fortsätta min kafferesa här känns därför som en naturlig  och spännande fortsättning. Min huvudsakliga uppgift är att rosta men ni hittar mig även i rosteributiken och kaffebaren, vid packmaskinen eller någon annanstans där jag behövs, arbetsuppgifterna på Gringo är många och varierande.


When I started at Gringo, I did not drink coffee, but now I am as fond as the rest of the gang in this noble drink (at least almost). 

At Gringo, I make sure that our customers get nice bags, I label, pack and handle most of the internal logistics.

Varmt välkomna till vår rosteributik och kaffebar! Här finns alltid hela vårt sortiment av kaffe, te och tillbehör. Du kan också  ta en riktigt god kopp kaffe i vår kaffebar, både från espressomaskinen och som brygg eller handbrygg. 
The shop and coffee bar is open:
Måndag-Fredag 8–16
LÖRDAGSÖPPET 11–15 följande lördagar: 28/1, 25/2, 25/3, 29/4, 6/5, 26/8, 30/9, 28/10, 25/11och 16/12.

På lördagsöppet finns alltid gott fika och sittplatser i vårt rosteri och utomhus. Från februariöppet är du också välkommen på koppningar (kaffeprovningar) kl 12 och kl 14. De är gratis och öppna för alla. Vi provar nyheter, andra spännande kaffen och berättar om specialkaffe. Håll utkik på sociala medier för eventuella uppdateringar/ytterligare info!
Welcome to Gringo