Coffee Grinder Electric

Ratio Six

Ratio mimics the brewing process in hand brewing in many ways, from flowering to an even water distribution in the coffee filter.

And in addition to the coffee being really well brewed, Ratio 6 is also really nice to look at.

Not convinced, here are some arguments why Ratio is such a good brewer.

A built-in automatic function that pre-moistens the coffee before brewing (flowering in the barista language)
2. The large spreading filter in the brewhouse that further ensures an even and good brewing (all coffee in the funnel is extracted) throughout the brewing process (which mimics how a barista hand-brews his coffee).
Brews in a thermos with good heat properties.
4. A rubber ring around the brewing funnel that prevents any steam from the hot water from being evaporated.
5. Brewing starts at the touch of a button and turns off automatically.
5. Stylish and qualitative design and construction.

2 year warranty
Thermos carafe with double walls
Works with 1 × 4 paper filter
1400W heating element that heats the water to almost 94 degrees Celsius
Dimensions DxWxH: 34.29 × 17.15 × 36.20cm
Weight: 4.08kg
Water capacity: 1.3 liters of coffee
Available in three designs.