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Ethiopia Odo Carbonic

HONEYMELON Strawberry jam Tropical fruit

Whole Beans

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Hold your horses, here we have a coffee where the fruit character celebrates new heights; we are dealing with a complete taste explosion, created by the man who can be said to be the inventor of the natural coffees with fruity characters that we have become accustomed to from all corners of the coffee world, Abdullah Bagersh.

Almost 20 years ago, Abdullah got coffee roasters from all over the world - including our own Johan Ekfeldt when he ran the company Johan & Nyström - to travel to Ethiopia to look out over the Misty Valley and visit his Idido & Adado washing stations; he is nothing but a living legend! Therefore - and because he still delivers quality at a uniquely high level - it's extra fun to be able to roast an anaerobic natural from him.

The coffee has been grown on his farm Odo Shakiso and then undergone several steps, including a 24-hour fermentation under oxygen-free pressure. After that, the coffee was slowly dried, packed in vacuum-bags and flown to Sweden.

Microbes are extremely diverse and have the potential to produce a wide range of flavors in coffee. Aerobic microorganisms (which are fed with oxygen) give different taste results than anaerobic, so there is a huge potential to produce very different flavors by simply changing available resources for microbes.

After fermentation, the cherries are washed and then laid to dry in direct sunlight on raised drying beds. They are turned continuously to promote even drying; it takes about three weeks for the coffee cherries to dry completely.

The Facts

Weight 0,20 kg



Abdullha Bageresh


Oromia, western Guji, Kebele





process method

Anaerobic Natural

Drying Method

Sun on raised beds

harvest period

January 2021

Brewing Facts

Pour Over. Aeropress.